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Architecturally designed, residential loft properties for film, television and photographic shoots
Terms and Conditions

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Public/Employer's Liability Insurance

Clients booking locations must provide proof of sufficient public liability insurance prior to actual shoot days This documentation will remain on file with <> and need not be produced again unless specifically requested.

Confirmations and Cancellation

Options for use of locations must be confirmed at least 48 hours prior to shoot days in writing or by e-mail. Failure to confirm could result in loss of the location for the desired time. Cancellation of confirmed options for use within the 48 hour period prior to the shoot will result in your being charged 50% of the agreed rate for the shoot. Cancellation within the period of 24 hours prior to the shoot will result in your being charged the full agreed rate.


Any equipment/valuables brought onto the shoot location will be the responsibility of the client booking the location. <> will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage.

Damage to the Premises

Any damage to the location site will be the sole responsibility of the client booking the location.

Payment terms

New clients will be required to pay prior to the start of any booked session. This will also apply to all film/television shoots on an on-going basis. In the case of photographic sessions, once an existing client, and assuming no outstanding payments are overdue, you will be required to pay for location use within 30 days from use. Failure to pay any outstanding invoices will result in late charges of 1.5%/month computed on a weekly basis beginning from 30 days from the shoot date.

Please note the Specific Requirements for Film/TV Shoots.